Vernacular Furniture of Gujarat – Newsletter 3

This newsletter presents the findings from the third field visit in Gujarat. Fieldwork was conducted in the regions of East Gujarat and Saurashtra. The team travelled 668 kilometres in Surendranagar and Morbi districts and visited eight places. A total of 58 vernacular furniture items were mapped during this visit. The places visited were: Morbi, Muli, Jhinjuda, Limbdi, Reshamiya, Sayla, Shervaniya and Wadhwan.


In Saurashtra region of Gujarat, the team travelled 890 kilometres in Amreli, Junagadh and Rajkot districts, and visited 15 places in the region. A total of 80 vernacular furniture items were mapped. The places visited were – Amarnagar, Bagasra, Alidhra, Bhamodra, Bilkha, Chuda Sorath, Dedan, Dhoraji, Endhania, Ghoba, Gondal, Mandavad, Mendarda, Nageshri and Vaghania.


Date: February 2016
Place: Saurasthra