Pakkhi | Fan


Category: Vastu
Location: Hastakalan, Fazilka, Punjab
Cultural region: Malwa
Materials: Cotton (Rope), Grass (Date leaf), Metal, Textile, Wood
Cotton craft technique: Weaving
Grass craft technique: Weaving
Metal craft technique: Joinery, Lacquering, Turning
Wood craft technique: Joinery, Lacquering, Turning
Source: DICRC, India and SADACC, UK

These pakkhi were made by the same woman over different time periods. All three pakkhi had different kinds of frames, handles and materials that form the surface of the pakkhi. The pakkhi on the top was made most recently with a metal frame with a plastic handle while the one on the bottom left has a wooden handle. The pakkhi on the bottom right was made with a date leaf and was covered with a fabric.

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