Kothi | Granary


Category: Manjush
Location: Dhoj, Faridabad, Haryana
Cultural region: Mewat
Materials: Admixture (Mud, Husk, Dung), Lime, Wood
Admixture craft technique: Slab building
Lime craft technique: Plastering
Wood craft technique: Joinery
Source: DICRC, India and SADACC, UK

This kothi was made by the women of the house in the courtyard under a thatched roof space. Grains like makka (maize), ghehu (wheat), bajra (millet) were stored in it. There were shelves inside it that were used to store food items like ghee and nuts. The wooden logs on either side of the door, used as structural members, were intentionally left extruded to hang containers.

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