Khaat | Charpoy


Category: Manch
Location: Bhankhri, Mahendragarh, Haryana
Cultural region: Ahirwal
Materials: Cotton (Rope), Grass (Bamboo), Wood
Cotton craft technique: Weaving
Grass craft technique: Joinery
Wood craft technique: Joinery, Turning
Source: DICRC, India and SADACC, UK

Webbing of a khaat is known as bann or jevri and is commonly woven to cover only threequarters of the frame. A thick set of ropes called maahi is used to hold the webbing at its open end, which is further joined to a set of ropes which holds the webbing in tension. These tensioning ropes, called paandh or daawan, can be adjusted to tighten the webbing when it develops a sag.

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